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Hello, I'm Grace 👋🏼

I hope you like this FED (Front End Development) blog, a collation of mentoring advice...

My History

I come from a journalistic and design background, then taught myself front end development (FED) over the course of several years. My real passion though, is for equality, which has led me to take a keen interest in web accessibility.

I work for a fantastic agency based in Liverpool (UK), but am primarily remote, living in beautiful Cornwall. 💜

Why the blog?

For the last few years I've been spending loads of time mentoring junior or aspiring FEDs on Frontend Mentor. The problem with this, is a lot of the time I'm giving out the same advice again and again.

I hope this site will be a place to collate the common feedback I share and provide a lasting resource to help FEDs build inclusive accessible sites that follow good coding practices. I also hope it can help me to improve and document what I learn!

About this site

Although my primary goal is to help front end developers build using accessible practices, this site is also a bit of a playground for me to try out new things. It's built with 11ty using their base blog starter.


During build I referred to various sources to help me with the tooling, including:

A11y Webring.Club

This site is a member of the — a network of digital accessibility practitioners.

Development Roadmap

I try to work out in the open, even though this repo is private for now... My to-do list for this site includes (in no particular order):

  • Add comment functionality using GitHub issues
  • Add an option to turn off variable font sizes (or maybe remove them altogether!)
  • Move the mailing list away from Mailchimp
  • Add light theme to code blocks
  • Add the language to code blocks
  • Add a copy button to code blocks
  • Complete a full a11y audit and backlog remediation works
  • Add a user control to turn all my styles off, if desired
  • Ensure all functionality works js-free
  • Make the table of contents sticky on the side of larger screens
  • Add a 'back to top' link somewhere… — complete Aug 2023
  • Tidy styles, maybe even use Tailwind… I'm still deciding on that one
  • Add user-preferences theme support — complete 21 Jan 2023
  • Add tables of contents to posts — complete 22 Jan 2023
  • Mute colors to (hopefully) improve experience for those with astygmatism — complete 23 Jan 2023

⚠️ If you have suggestions to improve this site, or you experience any usability issues with it, please get in touch.

Privacy Notice

This site has NO cookies and NO tracking.

You're welcome! 😉


The best places to contact me are on the Frontend Mentor Discord server or via email at


This site has an RSS feed.

Mailing list

Alternatively, subscribe via mailchip for the occasional email newsletter.