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Here's where I'm list all the posts I've got planned or are am drafting. Let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like to see on the site.

Note, these may be in a numbered list, but that is no indication of my intended writing order! I may not even write all of these...

  1. Why resizing the html font size to 62.5% ain't great
  2. Assistive tech to help with vision impairments
  3. Translating designs to HTML (a series)
  4. How to ask for help / be a good mentee
  5. How to get feedback on your challenges
  6. Why font size, line height and letter spacing must never be in px
  7. When to use padding vs margin
  8. An intro to Sass - Best features to start with
  9. How nesting should be done in Sass
  10. All about Pseudo elements
  11. Height: When's it needed and when should it be min-height?
  12. Article vs section
  13. Why heading order matters SO much
  14. How to use a screenreader (series)
  15. Accessible accordion tutorial
  16. Accessible modal dialog tutorial
  17. Accessible mobile nav toggle tutorial
  18. Accessible theme toggle tutorial
  19. Disclosure patterns
  20. Alt text top tips
  21. Voice Control and why visual labels are so important
  22. Aria can be damaging
  23. Minimum device widths for testing
  24. How to do accessibility audits / testing
  25. A new CSS reset
  26. Common use cases for aria
  27. A series on Newbie-level Frontend Mentor challenges and common pitfalls
  28. Lesser known HTML elements you may want to start using
  29. Tabs and tablists
  30. What is an accessible name?
  31. Focus on keyboard interactions
  32. Why mobile first matters
  33. Learn terminology to avoid confusion
  34. Consider future content changes / the role of content editors
  35. Why I love code standards
  36. How to use Dev Tools when styling
  37. Built-in dev tools for accessibility
  38. Test down to 320px wide
  39. Before asking for feedback on anything, do these X things
  40. Screenreader users does not mean "blind people"
  41. Accessibility is more than just screenreaders
  42. Resume tips
  43. What I look for in junior Front End job applicants
  44. How to sort good job adverts from bad
  45. Do the type of development YOU love most
  46. What are the accessibility requirements for websites?
  47. What are "interactive elements"
  48. The dangers of "list-style: none"
  49. Do juniors need a portfolio?
  50. You don't have to be a designer
  51. What are "meaningful elements"?
  52. Advice translation: "Make your HTML semantic"
  53. Never show skills in a progress bar
  54. Why aria-hide inline svgs?
  55. Reliable people to learn front end from
  56. All about favicons
  57. When to use grid vs flex
  58. Beginner? Avoid Bootstrap and other component libraries
  59. Steps to take before you code anything at all
  60. You don't want "pixel perfection"
  61. Intro to build tools
  62. Mentor in the open
  63. Which unit for border-radius?
  64. How to guage sizes without a design file
  65. The benefits of design files from Figma, Sketch or Adobe XD
  66. When to use img vs background-image
  67. When to use the figure element
  68. How to benefit from Frontend Mentor
  69. Recommended newbie Frontend Mentor challenge order (and why)
  70. Valid HTML
  71. What elements can go inside each other
  72. Don't wrap loads of content in a link - do this instead
  73. Forms are HARD
  74. How to code a logo
  75. JavaScript fallbacks and why you need them
  76. A love-letter to server-side rendering
  77. How to write a good readme
  78. How to understand documentation
  79. You never need "width: 100vw"
  80. Learn a static site generator
  81. All about "modern image formats"
  82. Why you should use named functions
  83. The dangers of YouTube learning
  84. Before you post blog or video tutorials...
  85. Let the browser do it!
  86. How to do a full page overlay
  87. What to include in a gitignore
  88. Boost performance
  89. How to size svgs
  90. Aspect-ratio or width and height?
  91. Good (and bad) CSS selectors
  92. Top 10 tips for newbies
  93. Respecting prefers- media queries and why it matters (reduced motion, reduced data)
  94. How to turn animation off in CSS and JS
  95. Animations for joy
  96. What is assistive tech?
  97. Meaningful class names / single purpose class names
  98. Theme switching with vanilla JS
  99. Minimum font sizes for legibility
  100. What hiring managers expect to see on a github profile
  101. CV writing - no projects? No problem
  102. Why code has to be the ultimate source of truth (or the designer-developer divide)
  103. Why design programs can't provide production-ready code (or at least not yet)
  104. Why I don't like React (except, shhh I actually do)
  105. Why Vue is a great first framework (but only when you're ready)
  106. Think components, not pages
  107. Dear every company everywhere - upgrade your browser... Daily, if possible
  108. Simple css-only form validation with regex patterns
  109. Let tabs be tabs and accordions be accordions
  110. Often forgotten html: Input mode
  111. Often forgotten html: rel
  112. Often forgotten html: role
  113. Indicate interactivity: Use interactive html elements for interactive items, don't add hover styles to non interactive elements
  114. Alignment matters so so much
  115. How to make your FED portfolio site stand out
  116. What to learn next?
  117. How to use ChatGPT effectively in FrontEnd

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