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Here's where I'm list all the posts I've got planned or are am drafting. Let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like to see on the site.

  • Why resizing the html font size to 62.5% ain't great
  • Assistive tech to help with vision impairments
  • Translating designs to HTML (a series)
  • How to ask for help / be a good mentee
  • How to get feedback on your challenges
  • Why font size, line height and letter spacing must never be in px
  • When to use padding vs margin
  • An intro to Sass - Best features to start with
  • How nesting should be done in Sass
  • All about Pseudo elements
  • Height: When's it needed and when should it be min-height?
  • Article vs section
  • Why heading order matters SO much
  • How to use a screenreader (series)
  • Accessible accordion tutorial
  • Accessible modal tutorial
  • Accessible mobile nav toggle tutorial
  • Disclosure patterns
  • Alt text top tips
  • Voice Control and why visual labels are so important
  • Aria can be damaging
  • Minimum device widths for testing
  • How to do accessibility audits / testing
  • A new CSS reset
  • Common use cases for aria
  • A series on Newbie-level Frontend Mentor challenges and common pitfalls
  • Lesser known HTML elements you may want to start using
  • Tabs and tablists
  • What is an accessible name?
  • A focus on keyboard interactions
  • Why mobile first matters

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