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People to learn from

Here are some people doing amazing work...

Read their stuff, watch their videos, buy their courses, attend their workshops, follow their social media posts... These are quality resources you can trust!

🎁 BONUS: If you're a budding designer, check out Eric Kennedy's courses and newsletter!

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Free courses for total beginners

For first steps into front end web development, there are loads of courses out there!

Try to find resources that suit your learning style. For example, I like reading a lot, but learn best by watching short videos with practical tasks alongside. I also like to make notes from video courses. You will thrive if you find resources that match your preferred learning style.

Here are a few free starter ideas:

Once you've built solid foundations in accessible HTML...

  • Kevin Powell has a selection of premium CSS courses. I've not taken any myself, but like his teaching style a lot!
  • Wes Bos' Beginner JavaScript — an excellent video course. Note, all the course notes are available for FREE!
  • Jonas Schmedtmann's Complete JavaScript Course on Udemy provides a cheaper alternative, but no less valuable.
  • Vue Mastery is well worth the subscription, made by Vue's own creators and covering everything from beginner to expert levels.
  • Josh Comeau's Joy of React course is truly excellent at teaching React concepts in a practical way and re-solidifying foundational JavaScript knowledge

Any other suggestions?

If you've found a particular resource super helpful, I'd love to know about it so I can share with others. Thanks! 😁